District Manager Panama City Beach Area
Accounting & Office Administrator

Misty is promoted to District Manager, with her vibrant personality and drive to provide the best service to our customers in Panama City, Panama City Beach, St George Island, Mexico Beach, Destin, Port St. Joe, Apalachicola, Tallahassee, and surrounding areas, she is a pleasure to work with.  If you are in need of any products or have questions, please call her on her cell: 850-832-3273.

You can email her at misty@jarrellss.com.


Jarrell's was established in 1975 by Kenneth Jarrell when he realized there was a need for just this kind of business to cater to local convenience stores.  He started his business in sunny Pensacola, Florida, but has since expanded to cover Louisianna, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia as well as the entire state of Florida.
We are a leader in DSD sales to convenience stores and beach and novelty stores throughout our five-state territory.  Our prices cannot be beat, and we deliver directly to your location at least twice a month.  Our route salespeople are professional and friendly.  Customer service is job ONE at Jarrell's.
Jarrell's carries products from Johnson & Johnson, Stacker and 5-hour energy drinks, herbal supplements, BIC lighters, smoking accessories, novelty toys and beach necessities, collegiate gear, caps, koozies, license plates, batteries, minor automobile items, cell phone accessories, etc.  Take a look at the products that we carry and you will find our prices are the best around.
If you have multiple stores that you would like special pricing for, please feel free to drop us a line on our CONTACT US page and someone will give you a call to discuss those possibilities just as soon as we get your message.  If you are an existing customer and already have bulk pricing, please feel free to call or email us or contact your route manager so that we can take care of you promptly! 


Kenny Jarrell
Founder and Owner


Foley Office & 
Warehouse Manager

Dale has been with Jarrell's for 24 years, he stays busy servicing his customers along the beaches in Alabama from Orange Beach to Dauphin Island along with managing the Foley warehouse.  His gregarious mannerism and due diligence in getting your products to you lightning fast, shows his allegiance for our customers and for Jarrell's.

You can email him at dale@jarrellss.com

Thank you for taking the time to stop in at our website.  Our stock constantly changes to meet the rising and ever-changing demands of this industry.  I am committed to providing you with the most current novelties and products available so YOU can make money and be at the top of YOUR game.  Jarrell's of Pensacola is my life's work and I am proud to do business with each and every one of you.  If you need anything at all, please call our office and speak to Margie, Melissa or myself.  I will earn your business and look forward to working with you.





Kenneth Jarrell,




Kenny opened Jarrell’s in 1975 and devotedly continues to lead his team hands-on every day.  He works far too many hours and days a week.  But he obviously loves what he does and HE'S GREAT AT IT!  Kenny has a heart of gold and holds great passion for his company, yet even with his hectic schedule he makes sure to follow through to get the job done with great headship.

You can email him at kenny@jarrellss.com.

Margie has been with Jarrell's for 18 years.  If it's the accounting side of the business you need help with, she is the one you'll want to talk to.  If it happens, she knows about it.  Margie's tenacity and aspiration to ensure all aspects of accounting are accurate, serves the company well. She will usually be the one you hear when you call our main office.

You can email her at margie@jarrellss.com.

Website & Catalog Administrator Executive Assistant


Warehouse Manager

Melissa became a team member in January 2016 with 24 years of Executive Assistant experience including accounting,  She is always happy to help anyone, so please do not hesitate to contact her if you should need assistance with anything.  Her sanguine disposition, self-motivation and constant smiling puts flare in the air and is loving her profession with Jarrell's. 

You can email her at melissa@jarrellss.com

Doug has been with Jarrell's for 28 years.  He knows where every single thing is in our warehouse and we depend on him on a daily basis to ship, receive, and pull orders for the drivers and all routes.  He's a one-man army!

Route Manager
Pensacola, Navarre Area


Route Manager
Pensacola to Ft. Walton Beaches


Route Manager
Mississippi & Alabama

Carl has been Jarrell's for 20 years.  His loquacious nature and willingness to accommodate our customer needs is beneficial for the company.  His sales routes range from the beaches of Pensacola, Ft. Walton, Navarre, FL areas to Evergreen, AL.  If you are in of any products please call him on his cell: 850-293-0210, he will be pleased to place your order and get it to you promptly.

Brian joined Jarrell's team in February 2017, bringing his 15+ years experience in our industry.  His sales routes run from Mississippi, Atmore, AL to the Eastern Shores.  His enthusiasm and systematic disposition will be a vast benefit to our customers and to Jarrell's.  If you are in need of any products please call him on his cell: 251-605-1133, he'll be euphoric to place your order and deliver it to you without delay.